Opening your home to an international student can change his life -- and yours.

Opening your home to an international student can change his life -- and yours.

Our Objective

USA Homestays helps international students experience the warmth, comfort and community of an American home. We place students to live with selected American families so that the experience is culturally beneficial to both student and host.

Our Locations

We are currently serving the following cities, but more are on the way. Click on the city you’re in to see local details.

Check back often to see if we have added a city in your area.

Our Values

Compassion. International students often face a variety of difficult situations in America for which they are completely unprepared. We strive to assist them in adjusting to the American culture and way of life.
Community. America values individuality. Many other cultures stress community. When someone from a community-oriented culture arrives here, he/she can feel completely alone. We want to welcome them into our homes, our community, giving them a place of comfort to call home.
Faith. Many international students come from a religious background that is foreign to Americans. We appreciate their devotion because our faith is a core to who we are.
Respect. Americans easily overlook these people, seemingly making them invisible – and therefore irrelevant. We want our friends to know that we value them for who they are.
Culture. Being placed into a foreign culture is more than disorienting. We explain the American culture for our international friends while still embracing the uniqueness of their national culture.
Service. We are called to serve a group of people who are typically underserved. And it is our honor to do so.
Fun. Here’s a confession: Sometimes we over-emphasize this core value. But no one’s really complaining!

Our Funding

USA Homestays and its staff are funded in two ways. First, we are paid by the students for the homestay service we provide. Secondly, we accept the contributions of caring families, organizations, churches, and businesses.

If you are interested in supporting the work of USA Homestays, we would love to talk with you. Just email us with your questions and information and we will get in touch with you. Or you can simply visit our giving page and set up your one-time or recurring contributions.

Thank you!