Many people prefer to use credit cards. Cash back bonuses and reward miles are hard to turn down, we know. So you are welcome to contribute that way here.

We have chosen to partner with PayPal because it is completely secure and they offer you the ability to set up monthly recurring giving. You do not need to have a PayPal account to give. Just your credit card will suffice. (If you prefer, USA Homestays can set up recurring contributions in-house. If you opt for that, please email to set that up.)

But there are a couple things we want you to know. First off, if you have credit card debt (and many of us have), we would prefer that you focus on that rather than adding to it by giving to us. Secondly, there is a 3% transaction fee that PayPal charges us. USA Homestays will cover the fee and 100% of your giving amount will actually go to USA Homestays or the staff member you wish to support. 

Please click the Donate button below to set up your giving through PayPal. It can be a one-time gift or monthly recurring giving. Also, please let us know the staff member you intend to support (if any) by sending a note to

You will shortly get an email from us confirming your gift. We will also then verify how you want it applied (staff support, general fund, etc.).

We will also email you a receipt for every gift you send in. At the end of the year, you will get a full report of your giving for the year. With our undying thanks, of course.